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Bleach: Byakuya Kuchiki Unveiled

Chapter 14--What Happened in The Past, Stays in The Past

Sensing various spiritual pressures overhead, TeShiera looked up as she approached on the ground. What was happening up there? It looked like Lieutenant Abarai was attacking the younger Kuchiki. Was he trying to kill her? But no, that was impossible. TeShiera knew what it looked like, but that couldn't be Lieutenant Abarai. She had just left him in his barracks.

But what was happening up there? Is this why Captain Kuchiki had rushed out so abruptly, but how did he know? From what she could see, the younger Kuchiki wasn't moving and Captain Kuchiki seemed to be at an impasse as to what to do. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew she had to help.

She couldn't use her Zanpakutō or her Kido for fear of injuring the younger Kuchiki. But she did have her Warrior Darts which she'd used often as an Onmitsukidō team lead. If she suppressed her spiritual pressure, she knew she could attack from behind.

She'd never thought she'd have to use her weapons against a fellow shinigami, but clearly, with Aizen's recent betrayal, things were changing. From her angle, she was certain Captain Kuchiki would see her, and take the appropriate countermeasures by catching his younger sister.

Knowing she had to act quickly, TeShiera looked down at her arm band. As always, she had two different mixtures attached, one that killed and another that caused temporary paralyses. She had no desire to kill a fellow shinigami without cause, but this one was attacking another shinigami.

Byakuya watched as Captain Setsuke moved up from behind. He observed as she reached into the left sleeve of her kimono. If he recalled correctly, he knew she carried some kind of weapon there. He had seen it as she'd pranced around his office attacking him for having taken Hatsune's life.

But no, it wasn't her then, was it? It was Hatsune himself. He had said there was no better way to obtain information about him than to look like the new captain. But his attire had matched hers precisely. He hadn't pulled her from his heart, clearly, he had encountered her before if he was able to duplicate even the weapon on her arm, but when?

But did that matter? If she was reaching for a weapon she must believe Hatsune had him over a barrel. But why would she think that? Was she truly going to interfere in a battle that was not her concern? From watching her acts now, he could see she was not unlike her cousin; interfering where she had no need.

Coating one of her darts with her paralyzing agent, TeShiera inserted it into the shaft of her blow gun, then lifted the weapon to her mouth and quickly flashed upward to align herself for the perfect strike as she exhaled. Her aim was dead on as she hit her target square in his back. Upon receiving the impact, his arms flailed outward causing him to release his hostage as his body toppled and began to fall to the left side of the barracks, while Rukia tumbled off to the right.

Flashing forward, Byakuya quickly caught his sister's limp body in his arms and lowered them both to the ground.

"What did you hit him with?" Byakuya asked as Captain Setsuke approached them. "Is he dead?"

"I don't think so, I made a shot with my Tomahawk Blow Gun," she said, reattaching her weapon to her armband. "I didn't think I should kill him since he is a shinigami."

"That was no shinigami," Byakuya practically whispered, remembering Hatsune's words about being transformed to a Shinigami-Hollow-Zanpakutō as he felt for Rukia's spiritual energy.

"What?" TeShiera asked, not quite hearing.

"Nothing," Byakuya said dismissively as he laid Rukia on the ground. "What does your blow gun do, if not kill?"

"I used a dart with a muscle relaxant instead."

"A muscle relaxant?" Byakuya intoned stiffly. "Why would a captain enter a battle if her intent is not to kill?"

TeShiera studied him confusedly. "Perhaps because she saw no need to," she retorted. "I brought him down, didn't I? Your sister is safe, isn't she? Why kill a shinigami if he himself has not killed?"

"To prevent him from killing," Byakuya responded curtly. "And how do you know he has not already killed?"

"Well, I guess I meant if you think that is what he deserves, then you should kill yourself if that is your wish," TeShiera said tempering her response.

"You are not my second, yet you came up behind him, why?"

"That is my style," TeShiera smiled at last. "If my intent is not to kill and I have that advantage, I take it. It's a lost less messy."

"So you prefer not to kill?" Byakuya asked surprised to hear such words come from a captain's lips.

"No. I may not be as blood thirsty as some captains, but I can fight and kill with the best, if I have to," TeShiera said believing he was doubting her abilities. "If I can take my opponent down without taking their life, I will do that as well," she said studying him, but she knew she still had not won his respect.

"I am a former member of Onmitsukidō," she continued to explain. "As Captain Soi Fon constantly reminded us, our code is if you see your allies losing, that's your chance. Don't step between them. Take the enemy down from behind. And if the enemy is so strong you can't even do that, then just watch your ally be killed. That's what it means to be Onmitsukidō."

"No, I mean why did you enter a battle that did not concern you?" Byakuya asked looking up at her. "This was not Seireitei business."

TeShiera studied him oddly, not quite understanding his question. "Not Seireitei business? One shinigami attacking another--if that's not Seireitei business, I don't know what is. We are all members of the Gotei 13, are we not? It is our responsibility to uphold the laws; even if it is a shinigami who is breaking it. So it is my responsibility to protect another shinigami requiring assistance."

"I see, but if I were to tell you I required no assistance?" Byakuya asked, continuing to tend to Rukia.

"But you…" TeShiera began but stopped. Had she been wrong? Instead of being at an impasse, had he been preparing to strike? "Do you have history with him?" she asked, wondering why he had gotten so upset that she hadn't killed him.

Byakuya didn't respond. She was too unfamiliar to him to discuss such aspects of his life.

TeShiera sighed, believing he likely resented assistance from a new captain. Not to mention the fact that he felt he needed no assistance, her intervention likely seemed that she questioned his abilities. "If I interfered where my help wasn't required, forgive me. I don't know who he was and I may not know what your history with him is, but despite their resemblance; I knew he wasn't your lieutenant and anyone who would deceive and threaten an innocent, should not be allowed to continue. And I just…"

"I see," Byakuya said silencing her. Continuing to kneel by Rukia's side, he brushed her hair away from her eyes. He would do what he had to, to keep her safe. But as long as Hatsune roamed about he was uncertain if he could.

Rising to his feet, he proceeded to the other side of the barracks where Hatsune had fallen. He would kill him where he lay, if he had to.

Captain Setsuke was close on his heels.

Reaching the other side of the building, Byakuya approached a large man-sized crater that Hatsune's body had formed when he'd fallen and looked in.

"He's gone," Byakuya said. He didn't know why, but despite having not sensed a Garganta or even a Negación, he wasn't surprised.

"What?" TeShiera balked, brushing past him to see for herself. "That's impossible. I shot him with a neuro-paralyzer that instantly constricts ever muscle in his body. It would keep a shinigami twice his size out for hours. How could he possibly be gone?"

"Suffice it to say, he is." Byakuya said with little interest, shifting to return to Rukia's side. Since Hatsune was now more than a shinigami, her dart likely had insufficient ability to keep him subdued.

"But I don't understand," TeShiera hesitated as if considering his words. "Who was that shinigami?"

"That was no shinigami," Byakuya stated as he headed back toward the spot he had laid Rukia.

"Captain Kuchiki," TeShiera called after him as she hurried to catch up.  "Was that Abarai's brother?"

"No. Renji has no brothers," Byakuya responded across his shoulder/

"Are you certain? Was he his cousin?"

"No," Byakuya stopped and turned toward her. "I believe I know my lieutenant well enough to know he has no family in this world. He is not a member of any of the noble houses."

"I didn't mean it like that. It's just…" TeShiera hesitated as she turned to look back in the direction of the crater. "I wouldn't have thought anyone could look so similar if they're not related in some way."

"Are you are saying you didn't know anything about him before you attacked?" Byakuya asked, knowing that for whatever reason, Hatsune had disguised himself as her as well.

"No, but I saw what he was doing and I thought I had to do something, otherwise…" she trailed off.

"I was not incapable of action," Byakuya informed her. "If not for your approach, I would have taken him down shortly; but he won't get away for long," he vowed shifting his frame to prepare to lift Rukia into his arms.

"But Captain, I don't understand," Captain Setsuke persisted. "Who was he?"

"No one," Byakuya cut her off abruptly. "Nothing but an insect who is not worthy of thought, let alone discussion," he declared knowing he had no desire to reveal their history or what he had attempted to do to Hisana.

But it wasn't only that. He remembered how Hisana had pleaded with him not to disclose those details to anyone who didn't need to know. He had failed in keeping one promise; he refused to fail in keeping this one. And as far as he was concerned if Captain Setsuke didn't already know more than she was alluding to; there was no need for her to know anything about him. "Just know should he ever return, he will die," Byakuya affirmed putting an end to the conversation; but knowing if nothing else, he would never forget those eyes.

Assuming she had likely offended the sixth division captain in some way, Captain Setsuke allowed the subject to drop for now. "How is the young Kuchiki? Is she all right?"

"She is still out, so I will take her to squad 4 for medical assistance," Byakuya said lifting his sister into his arms once more as he turned and flashed away.

"No problem Captain Kuchiki. You're quite welcome," TeShiera muttered curling her fingers into fists as she watched him flash step then disappear in the direction of the fourth division. She didn't know why, but he seemed determined to ignite her fire of old. It had been so long, but she could feel her spiritual energy building toward eruption even now.

Shrugging her shoulders slightly, TeShiera returned to study the spot where the Lieutenant Abarai lookalike had fallen, unable to shake the feeling that Captain Kuchiki knew considerably more about the situation than he was willing to tell her, though she didn't know why. But did that even matter because if a shinigami would attack a captain's sister in the open like that, she knew he would likely try again. But what was his intent? But more importantly, what was it with Captain Kuchiki? Clearly, he didn't like her, but was his dislike of her from all those years ago, or was there more to it than that?

She knew enough to know captains preferred to fight their battles alone. Captain Kuchiki's behavior was clearly that of someone who hadn't appreciated her assistance, or more accurately, what he'd seen as her interference. Was that because he she somehow insulted him by intervening? Did he not even see her as a captain?

When he looked at her, did he see only that young girl he had caused to run off with tears in her eyes all those years ago? But she was not that little girl, never had been. Though their anger had manifested themselves for different reasons and in different ways, her anger did manifest on occasion.

But perhaps he just didn't like female captains. Perhaps it was new captains in general. Or perhaps it was because Aizen betrayed them all, and now, she had replaced him. But perhaps he just didn't care for anyone from the Shihōin clan. Shortly after the incident had occurred between them, Yoruichi had told her how she had often tried to play with him, but he had never liked it.

But perhaps it was even more than that. Perhaps he'd simply changed from an angry child to a rude adult. He certainly seemed determined to reacquaint her with her old fiery temper. But she refused to allow it. Of course, it may be nothing of the sort. Perhaps he just didn't like people in general, TeShiera thought as she looked up at the darkening sky.

It was getting late. Perhaps she should go to the commissary and try to determine if there was anything she could do to befriend him as she ate dinner. What was wrong with her? It had never been her nature to react like some concerned child. But he had left her feeling like some frightened retiring teenager and not a captain of the fifth division. She had no idea why he had been so rude to her each time they'd encountered each other. But was that his fault or hers? She had followed him here specifically to find out what the problem was, to demand a reason for his rudeness. And yet again, she had allowed him to depart without receiving any kind of satisfaction. But in truth, she hadn't allowed him to do anything of the sort. He had simply deemed her unworthy of his time and departed.

But should she pursue him again? Should she encounter him at the fourth division? No, to do that she would be no more than that child who had chased after him until… But no, wait, she gasped. What if he thought that she still…

TeShiera shuddered and shook her head trying to dislodge the thought.  There was no reason for Captain Kuchiki to like her if it was his preference not to. The Seireitei was not some kind of social club. They were all warriors--soldiers prepared to do battle--perhaps it would be best, if she stayed out of his path.

"Captain Kuchiki, what happened?" Retsu Unohana asked upon spotting his entry. "Put her here."

"Rukia was attacked."

"Yes, I see, but what happened?"

"It was a shinigami," he replied headed toward the vacant medical gurney Captain Unohana had pointed out.

"A shinigami? Who? Where? Why?"

"I believe he wanted to wound me," Byakuya offered, having no more desire to divulge specific details to her than he had provided to Captain Setsuke.

"To wound you? Why would anyone wish to do that? And who was he?"

"A shinigami I thought long dead," Byakuya stated flatly. "Can you help her?"

Retsu studied him quizzically. She knew him well enough to know that from the lack of information he'd already provided that he would provide little else. "Let me see her," she said moving between the captain and his younger sister. "Does she have any physical injuries or wounds?" she asked clearly checking Rukia's clothing for blood.

"I do not believe so."

"She's unconscious, but I believe she'll be fine," Retsu stated, having quickly checked her vitals. "Isane," Captain Unohana called for her lieutenant.
Having left Rukia at squad four to receive medical attention, Byakuya Kuchiki set out in search of Hatsune, but having no idea what to look for, he couldn't find him. For all he knew, he may well have returned to Huecho Mundo by now. But it didn't matter. He would inform both Rukia and Renji to keep their guard up. He would also alert the Kuchiki guard squad. He would look for him again, but not today. If nothing else, he knew Hatsune would find him.

Byakuya felt the gentle fingers inch their way across his chest, as her tender lips found his.

"You're back," he said with a smile. "Why?"

"Do you not wish me to be here?"

"Yes, of course, but you have never come to me so frequently."

"That is because I wished to see you as often as I could before…," her words trailed as she didn't continue.

"Before what?" Byakuya inquired.

"Your life will change soon and I wish to help you prepare for those coming changes."


"Yes, I know you will marry soon and no one deserves to love and be loved more than you."

"Hisana, I do not require love."

"Byakuya-sama, I know when you marry there will be no room in your heart for me."

"No. You will always be in my heart."

"Yes, of course," she smiled before changing the subject. "But why didn't you tell her?"

"I couldn't, Rukia was unconscious. I will tell her when she awakens."

"Not Rukia, your captain."

"My captain? Do you mean Captain Setsuke?"

"Yes, why didn't you tell her about Michio?"

"What did she need to know?"

"Do I really need to tell you that Byakuya-sama?" Hisana asked without hesitation. "But then, you didn't tell either captain. Are you not looking at them as potential future wives?" she asked surprised.  "Do they not need to know that an imposter lurks about?"

"No, they are merely starting points, nothing more.  Besides, Hatsune is not after them; he is after me and mine."

"You and yours? But aren't they yours as well?"

"No, they mean nothing to me. Hatsune is determined to destroy my family, not theirs."

"Are you certain about that?"

"I remember Hatsune. I know what he tried to do to you. He thought Rukia was you and so he set his sights on her. He would have no interest in those captains."

"But I thought all members of the Seireitei were yours to protect," Hisana asked, gently brushing her fingers through the long bangs draping their way across his eyes.

"But our family is first and foremost," Byakuya insisted. "Besides, they are captains who are quite capable of protecting themselves; or they would not be."

"But did she not help you protect our sister?"

Did she? Byakuya wondered as a thought that had consumed him during his nightly stroll, consumed him even now.

Of all the captains of the Gotei 13, Hatsune had disguised himself as her, and it was through her actions that he had managed to escape yet again. Though her association was more current, they have all been members of squad five. Was she truly completely unknown to him, or were they in league together, much as Aizen, Ichimaru and Tōsen were. It was through the acts of those three former squad five members, that he now knew even captains could not be held above suspicion. Did Hatsune not say he owed his recent rebirth and transformation to Aizen?

"Is she not entitled to the truth because of that?" Hisana continued, studying him earnestly. "Does she not even warrant a thank you?"

Byakuya knew he hadn't thanked Captain Setsuke for her assistance. Though he couldn't be any more certain now than he had been earlier, that such gratitude was warranted. At that time, his only thought was that Hatsune would have been dead had she not interfered. But what if there truly was no way for her to know that? Should he not then have shown more appreciation? "You are referring to Captain Setsuke now aren't you? But you are correct," he conceded, rubbing his palm along the side of Hisana's face. "I will thank her."

"And will you tell them?"

"I see no need to tell anyone of past issues," Byakuya said, knowing he had no reason to trust her or anyone. Hatsune had disguised himself as her, of all captains. And it was through her reluctance to kill him that he had managed to escape him. Despite the fact that he knew she had not been a member of squad five at the same time as Aizen and the others; that squad seemed to be a breeding ground for traitors. He would have to know considerably more about her before he disclosed any information about his past, if he ever did.

"Byakuya-sama I know why you didn't, but you must not allow your love for me to guide your reasoning," Hisana said as she turned away. "You must also not allow my inability to return your love, harden your heart. You know my thoughts were consumed with trying to find my sister and I was unable to return the love you so graciously bestowed upon me when I should have," she now lifted her fingers to her eyes to shield her tears. "But in returning it now, it has also expanded to my need to protect you as you have protected me and our sister," she smiled softly.

"Protect me?" Byakuya asked, sitting up to study her now; wondering why she would think he needed protection. "From what?"

"From events to come."

"What events?"

"Who knows what events are to come. But shouldn't you be prepared, just in case? They are captains, aren't they? Don't you believe they can be of assistance if they know as well?"

Byakuya reached over and wrapped his arms around her. He was certain she was talking about Hatsune and the trouble he was likely to bring. "Hisana, will it upset you to know that I do not like you knowing so much about Seireitei business. It was always my desire to protect you from that."

"And would it upset you to know, it is not so much Seireitei business that I know as much as yours," she gently stroked his cheeks as she looked into his eyes. "But unfortunately, I am not free to divulge it."

"Divulge what?"

"I cannot say, I ask only that you do not allow our past to impact your present."

"It will not," he said bending forward to kiss her lips. "If it is truly your wish, I will thank her."

"Thank you Byakuya-sama," Hisana said, returning his embrace.

The above image is called Drop Your Zanpakato Kuchiki Clan Leader created for me by :iconcric:

Arrancar - Spanish for "To Tear Off", Japanese for "Ripped Mask”. A Hollow that has removed its mask and has gained Shinigami-like powers.
Espada -- the top-ranked Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army of Hollow-Shinigami hybrids
Garganta -- Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity" -- is how Arrancar and Hollows move in and out of Huecho Mundo.
Gotei 13 -- 13 Court Guard Squad
Hōgyoku -- (Crumbling Orb; Viz: "Breakdown Sphere") is a small, bluish-purple orb composed of a unique substance thought to be capable of dissolving the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollows, allowing one race to attain the powers of the other.
Menos Grandes -- A classification of Hollow
Molting cicada technique 3 -- Allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage
Negación -- Negashion; Spanish for "Negation", Japanese for "Counter-Membrane") is the term describing the fields used by Hollows to rescue their comrades.
Onmitsukidō --Stealth Squad under the second division
Seireitei -- is in the center of Soul Society. Seireitei is a circular dome with four main entrances
Senka (Flash Blossom) -- A special Shunpo technique where one moves behind the opponent to directly attack and seal one's "Saketsu (Chain Chain/Binding)" and "Hakusui (Soul Sleep)" in two rapid attacks. The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back
Shinigami – Death gods, guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration (reincarnation)
Shunpo -- Flash step
Visoreds -- a group of Shinigami that have acquired Hollow powers

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My initial reaction to Byakuya was "What the hell is his problem?! Just thank her and move on! Jeez!" It's great that Hisana is putting so logic in his mind, because, honestly, he seems a bit delusional.

Also, muscle relaxant? Does that cause the victim to crap themselves or should I not think about that? :iconteheplz:

It kinda seems like Byakuya doesn't really care all that much that the bad guy got away. He also seems like he doesn't want anyone else involved. Is he that arrogant? Or is it really that much of a trivial matter to him?
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Hmmm, you make me feel bad about Byakuya. I thought I had done such a great job with his character is you don't know if you dont know it.
But I included Hisana so he can have some one walk him throught thus, I hope I can get him throught this.'

I so hope I can get him througn this, and I hope you don;t dislike him too much before the change.

It is just that he hadnt change much since he adopted Rukia. He is the only person of his nature around the Seireitei,

And I do love him.ff
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I did not mean to make you feel bad about how you wrote his character. I don't know his character. How I'm reading this is most likely different from others who actually know the story and backgrounds and all that others stuff. Subconsciously, or not, they're reading it to see if how the writer portrays the characters is accurate. I'm reading it as though I'm getting to know the characters. Because I don't know the characters well enough. It's not as though i dislike Byakuya, it's... Hm, how can I explain this? Uh... TeShiera! Right. Okay! I put myself in her place. It turned into a "If it were me, I would..." type of situation, and I suppose I was still in that mode when I wrote the comment.

Don't feel bad about Byakuya. There's no need to.
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
It's not a problem I like how its coming out. I hate to say this but I really like him. I think you would like him to.
I giving him Hisana as the other side of him. Because he made promised he shouldn't have made. But now his life is different
so he needs to made adjustments in how he lives his life.

I do wish you had seen it though.
What I 'feel' right now for Byakuya's character can change. As the writer, you can make that happen. Rumiko Takashi did the same with Lord Sesshomaru. When he was first introduced, I disliked him with great intensity, but I grew to adore him as the story went on and I got to know his character. That is the true power of a writer, I think, changing the perspective of others. You have made me see a different side to Lord Sesshomaru with your writing, so I'm sure you can do it again for Byakuya because I actually believe in your writing. Don't think I would like him. Make me like him.
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
I plan to.
I plan to me your really like him.
He will be so loving and foregiving.

And he will really need you to like.
It makes me foscus what to concentrate on.

I hope you tell me what you think in the end.
Amani-Ishikawa Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Aww so Hisana is pushing Bya-kun so hard to live his life and be happy. Only a departed wife who did love her husband would want that. Maybe she didn't return that love in the way that she could have if she hadnt been so worried about Rukia, but she at least loves him enough to urge him to move on and be happy. That makes me happy. :aww: I hope he does, and I also hope they take care of that stupid Hatsune guy! :shakefist:
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
I do to. Its so funny how Hisana shows up in Byakuya's dreams I didn't to have her show up at all. But you know things change as you start writing,
Amani-Ishikawa Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Ah don't they? LOL I come up with ideas as I'm writing chapters and they just tumble out. :XD:
Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I liked this a lot- especially the fact that Hisana is pushing Byakuya to at least try to be civil.

As always, excellence at its finest~!
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Thank you, Hisana thanks you and Byakuya thanks you,
Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd hug them both if I wasn't slightly afraid of Byakuya being mad about the breached personal space bubble. XD
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
What personal space.
Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
He just seems like he'd want some. (•‿•)" XD
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Should I say want some what?
Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Want some Personal Space?
Sesshomaru- ... this conversation is going nowhere.
Inuyasha- Subject change, anyone?
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Oh well subject change.

I can take a hint.
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Lady-Dagger Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Who knows, I didnlt, well i think she shouldn't be chazing him anyway.

I wonder what will happen now,
Must say Im tryed of Hisana,
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Only a few more appearances, and Hisana will be gone,
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