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Bleach:  Byakuya Kuchiki Unveiled
Chapter 17--Dating Again

"Byakuya do you intend to keep your seat," Grandfather Ginrei had asked. "You still have three weeks to tell me who you are going to pursue."

That's what grandfather Ginrei had asked earlier this morning.

Resigning himself Byakuya reached inside his desk and pulled out the list of shinigami females he had developed a few weeks ago.  

Running his fingers through his hair, Byakuya took a deep breath and blew as he reviewed the list of names. From what he could see, they seemed like they would be the most appropriate females with which to start his search.

Byakuya headed toward the second division, thinking all the time what her charges would think of him. This was his first time attending the second division after all.

There's Captain Soi Fon now. It was late but she was still showing something to her lieutenant. If he'd known anything about her division he would know what his name was.

"Ōmaeda," she called. "Pay attention."

"Uhhh," he called. "Captain Kuc…chiki."

"Captain Kuchiki," she called as she turned around to see him.

"Captain Soi Fon," Byakuya began. "How would you like to have dinner with me?"

"Dinner. I can't."

"Why not," he asked uncertain what to say.

"I have work to do."

"Well how about tomorrow or the day after."  

There was a time when he thought it was all about him. When he thought he would ask and the answer would be yes.

Several days later as he's headed to pick up Soi Fon, he again runs into Zaraki and TeShiera outside her barracks.

"Hey Kuchiki where are you headed so late?" Zaraki questioned. "Isn't your manor in the opposite direction?"

"My whereabouts should be no concern of yours."

"Hmmm, so you're off on another of your secret ventures again?"

"You spend too much time worried about what I'm doing," Byakuya stated in a long term rant. "You should worry about yourself."

TeShiera whipped around in front of him. "Captain Zaraki," TeShiera began. "Do you want me to take you down like I did before?"

He looked at her with a deadly glare. "No I don't," he yelled.

"Then I say let Captain Kuchiki go."

"And I would say that Captain Setsuke needs to concern herself with the people she allows to occupy her time," Byakuya stated as he turned to leave.

"Why you little …" Zaraki began.

"Captain Zaraki," TeShiera called out. "Are you living me now?"

He stared at her. "No, I'm not leaving…" Zaraki said.

Why would she spend so much time talking to a commoner? She was a member of the Shihōin clan, one of the four great noble houses of the Seireitei after all.

Even if her clan's status had fallen slightly after the abandonment of Yoruichi, she was still far above Zaraki.

He was fully aware that he was beginning to sound like his own clan members when he'd decided to marry Hisana. But why should it matter to him who she spent time with?

Byakuya wonders why he had allowed Zaraki to get to him so much. He knew that captain would like nothing more than for them to engage physically.

"So Captain Kuchiki, what do you think of Yoruichi's return after all those years? Incredible, isn't it?" Soi Fon said between a bite of boiled rice and onagi.

Byakuya looked at her.

"There was a time when I thought she had died," she said with a slight sniffle. "But I didn't really want to believe that. I'm just happy now to know she hadn't and that she'd never truly given up on us in the Seireitei," she said with a broad grin on her face,

"She said she'd be back often to check on us."  

"We had a chance to talk, and she didn't really know what happened, but she knew Aizen was involved in something before she left," she said looking at him with a studied glance.

"It's just that it was impossible to get the Central 46 to see things the way they did. She said there was no way for them to prove that he had even left his barracks 100 years ago. So there was nothing they could do but leave immediately."

Byakuya couldn't believe he had been subjected to hearing all about Yoruichi again. He didn't realize Soi Fon was so into her, but to each his own. Like he said, if he had spent more time on that end that was something he should have known.

Byakuya decided to take a different approach,here would be no captains this time. There numbers were so small it was impossible to know their tastes. This time he would venture to cover lieutenants.

"Lieutenant, would you consider having dinner with me?"




"In Rukongai," Byakuya said. "They have some really quaint shops there."

"Captain Kuchiki," Rangiku began. "Do you think we can have some Saki?"

"If you would like," he said.

"Do you think Gin… will ever come back," she said, in a half whisper.

"I didn't know he meant so much to you," he said looking at her.

"No, he doesn't…it's just that," she grew unusually quiet.

"It's just that what," Byakuya asked.

"It just that," she lowered her head and begun to cry.

Byakuya Kuchiki examined the events of the past few days.

His dates hadn't ended any more smoothly, that it had the previous night. Every night he had been up contemplating the events.  

Captain Kuchiki confronted Captain Unohana at her office later that night.

"Captain Kuchiki is Rukia okay, she hasn't come down with a relapse has she?"

"Captain Unohana, Rukia no, she's fine," he said retrieving a book from her shelf and fumbling through it. He wanted this to sound as causal as possible.

"I wanted to ask you, with all your medical training, I've been wondering if you have a method to determine if a female is capable of conceiving a child."

"A child?" she asked cocking her head in puzzlement. "Captain Kuchiki, don't you know?"

"Know? Know what?"

"I thought you knew this when you married, or at least found out shortly afterward."

"Found out what?"

"When anyone is reborn into this world, they will always be a reborn human. Their characters can carry over, but their ability to procreate cannot," she said with determination.

"Even if we are at some point considered a shinigami, we are still a reborn human. Which means despite the spiritual power we've managed to accumulate, our physiology has not changed."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that even though a reborn human can absorb the reishi in this world if they enter this would young enough, our biological makeup will remain the same," she said with conviction.

"Reborn humans can never have children here. The only ones who can are the true shinigamis, the members of noble families."

Byakuya stared at her as if not fully understanding her meaning. But he understood enough to know that Hisana would not have had any children no matter what she did. Grandfather must have known that. The elders must have known that.

"You see it doesn't matter if we can absorb the reishi in this world or not, a reborn human is always a reborn human. I've taken that the only benefit we achieve is a longer life here, nothing more. You are a member of one of the four noble houses, a true shinigami. The only ones capable of conceiving children in this world are nobles, true shinigamis," she said without holding back. "Why do you think your seat is passed down through the generations, because nobles are the only ones that have generations."
"Are you sure about that," Byakuya asked.

It was after this conversation that Byakuya decides he may have to go with someone from a noble family if not a cousin. Is that why grandfather had mentioned them in the first place. But no, he had mentioned Rukia as well. She was no one other than a reborn human herself.

Byakuya lighted to the tallest precipice in the Seireitei. At least he would not have to see Captain Setsuke wasting her time with that commoner again. His goal was to seek out that shinigami who had interfered in his life. There was no guarantee that he would but … then he saw it.

Out there somewhere was a light off in the distance.

Who else could it be except that piece of shit. But he would not let him pass him by this time, he thought taking off like a bat out of hell.
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ChocolateSprinkleTFK Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Oh, goodie! Another confrontation between Byakuya and crazy-ass! :iconfoxxdplz: But after all those awkward dates, would Byakuya be a bit more hesitant on asking for more? Will TeShiera ever get her chance at him? On another note, Byakuya seems to be increasingly annoyed with TeShiera and Kenpachi's relationship, whatever it may be. :iconhurrplz:
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Yep ol' crazy-ass.

Will TeShiera ever get her chance who knows.

But I left you a note about that picture.
ChocolateSprinkleTFK Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
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Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
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Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would have paid for videos of those dates.... Awesome chapter btw!! :D Finally got around to reading it!
Sessy-Lady Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
Thank you.
Kyarameru-chokoreto Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Ahh, bad dates.
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Yes a couple. I had intended to include a few more but of well.
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Ah so Byakuya goes through some awkward dates. Lol
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